Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Sunshine

We woke up this morning to glorious sunshine! The weather here has been extremely cold, 32 degrees, compared to the 75 degree weather we continued to enjoy in California. As I rolled up the shutters this morning the boy exclaimed with excitement, "Look no more dark outside!" They both were pointing to the window and were eager to get dressed and go outside.

Once outside we noticed that the little kitten that followed us home yesterday was still in the yard. It was patiently awaiting for the boys´ return. And wouldn't you know it the kitten followed us on our walk again today! I think the boys have found a new playmate.

My brother lives in a very small town called a dorf in German. There are no stores, no gas station, nothing really besides friendly people, houses, animals, and rolling hills of farming land.
The air is clean, the streets are quiet, and on such a glorious morning we decided to trek along the tractor trails and take in some of the amazing views.

The boys think the best things on our walks are the tractors and the horses we encounter. My brother has 3 horses and the boys wont stop talking about them. The first full day we were here the boys went outside and were playing around when Nicholas got a bit nosy and looked into one of the stalls. He had never encountered a real horse so up close and personal so he came back screaming and crying saying, "There´s a horsey in there!!" He was trembling with fright. Noah on the other hand let me lead him over to the stalls and we counted that there are actually 3 horses total! Later that afternoon, after Nicholas continually asked me if the horsey was gonna get him and me reassuring him that no it wouldn't, we all went outside to get to know them a bit better. My brothers wife, Marlen, assisted the boys in the right way to pet the horse and they even fed them carrots and apples. It was joyful from there on forward! Now the boys cant wait to see the horses every morning. I wonder if they would ever be brave enough to ride one?!

I am still trying to get the boys to play nicely with their cousins, who are also twins. My brother and his wife had a set of twins that were born 2 months after mine! They have a boy and girl. They are slowly warming up to one another, but it will still be a while before they are buddies.
I am determined to get a pic of the four of them!!

So, for now here is another couple pictures of the boys......


  1. I'm glad you guys are having a good time. The boys look happy!


  2. These pictures are gorgous Jackie! I love them.