Friday, October 16, 2009

Hallo Deutschland

We finally made it after a very long time! On Wednesday, 14th October, we barely made it to the airport! We were supposed to be there 2 hours before our flight and we barely made it an hour before! After a hectic and very stressful time through the check in process and airport security we made it to the gate at last call. *phew*

Our first flight entailed us enduring a 10 hour flight. The boys did amazingly well. They knew what to expect when flying, we sat in our own row, and that decreased my anxiety greatly!

After about 4 hours they stripped off their clothes and went to sleep. The other passengers were looking over at them, wondering why they were just laying there with their underwear and a blanket, but thats just the way the like to sleep.

6 hours later we landed in Amsterdam. The boys were thinking we flew to their grandma's house, but at the same time wondering why on earth it too so long! I had to re-explain that we were flying to Germany and not Washington.

Amsterdam airport features a play area for children that are stuck waiting during their layover. The boys enjoyed stretching their legs and being able to climb around. However, we were all a bit anxious as to when we were going to reach our destination. It was at that time that I attempted to jump online with my laptop, just to discover that Nicholas had accidentallz spilled his orange juice in it. Needless to say it does not work. I am hoping that at some time it will dry out and let me get on long enough to retrieve my files and photos.

Berlin, Germany couldnt have come fast enough. It was a short 1.5 hour flight from Amsterdam to Berlin and we slept the whole way. I think at that time jet lag had set it.

It was a great pleasure to view the boys meet their twin cousins. They both stood and just stared at one another for a while. Once we got to my brothers, the kids got aquianted and off they went to play.
Its our second day here and praise the lord the boys are sleeping in their own beds! Germany might be ideal for them!!

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  1. your brother has twins too? How cool is that!! How old are they? You need a picture of all 4, post it on here. I want to see!