Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing catch-up....

Its been months since my last blog and so much has happened. For one, we moved back to WA! It was a huge decision but the best one for the time being. After weeks of hunting we found the perfect little house down the street from the boys' daycare. This continues to be what the boys and I call home.

After what seemed like an endless amount of job searching, applications, and interviews I finally landed a job that fit the daycare schedule and one in which I could make a life out of.

Since the boys had already gone to Pleasant Street Daycare, Vickie (the owner) was gracious enough to take them back even though she was approaching full capacity. The daycare is so wonderful because all of the kids have basically grown up together. The kids think they are each others' siblings and often times I overhear the boys call another boys his brother. It was a blessing indeed that we found a home so near the daycare and that she was able to accept them.

Christmas came and went. Santa Claus delivered big time by dropping off two riding tractors. Ever since our trip to Germany, Nick and Noah have been infatuated with tractors and trailers (although they call the trailers hangers - its the German word for trailers, it sort of stuck with em).

Spring sure dragged its feet in the Pacific Northwest as it continually rained and rained. Snow continued to drop at the mountain tops and we decided to head up for a little fun in the snow. The boys had a great time with their aunt Heike and cousin Vanessa as I scaled the mountain snowboarding.

As the sun started peaking its head through the clouds, we started to head outdoors. Kids will be kids and play in anything from rain, clouds, thunderstorms, to snow, but nothing compares to putting on a pair of sunglasses and feeling the warm sun on your skin.

More summertime blog updates to follow.....

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