Sunday, November 8, 2009

Breaking in the new jackets while playing in the rain

After about a week of the sniffles, earaches, and fevers boys were back to normal with only the occasional 'Mommy, blow the nose' request. As the weather is taking a plunge it was time to buy some warmer jackets and winter boots. The days here have a high of about 41 degrees; however, when wearing the right attire it doesn't quite seem that cold! It has taken us a bit to get used to it because we are used to warm and sunny California weather.

Boys didn't skip a beat when it started to pour down rain. My sister-in-law has some rain gear that she let the boys borrow. However, one is pink. Noah got stuck with the pink attire since he was riding the pink/purple bike. He didn't seem to mind though. All he cares about is riding that bike ALL day long! For some reason the blue bike is not to his liking so he rides the other one instead. I presume it has something to do with the handlebar not being straight and therefore more difficult to steer. The cool thing about the bikes is that there are no pedals! Its sort of like a scooter, but has all the elements of a bike. It is a learning tool to later transition into riding a bike.

Later on in the week we went out and bought umbrellas. The boys thought they were pretty cool because there was a picture of a tractor on it, but they didn't want to carry the umbrellas because they were too busy riding bikes into puddles. We went for a walk after the rain subsided and Noah rode right into a huge puddle. Once the water reached up to his knees he stopped and started crying for help. Needless to say I was not wearing rain boots so I just coaxed him to get himself out. Now whenever we pass by that spot he says, ''Remember when it rained and I got stuck in the water?''

For now the rain has subsided, but they are forecasting a chilly winter. I can't wait to play in the snow with the boys!

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